Future Quest, Inc.


Bringing All Maritime Communications Together

Our goal is to achieve seamless communication among vessels, and between vessels and ground facilities in order to help to reduce the number of maritime accidents.

What We Do

Future Quest builds up a smooth communication environment on the sea!

We are developing "CoastalLink", a maritime communication platform that enables centralized digital communication for all ships and port facilities.


We are revolutionizing methods of maritime communication, the lack of which causes most maritime accidents.

Current maritime communication issues include vessel-to-vessel accidents and the subsequent delays in rescue operations due to the lack of a common communication standard. In addition, even when communication is possible, the technology has not been adopted, causing issues such as poor audio quality when using analog communications. We are changing maritime communications with our maritime communications platform "CoastalLink", which enables all vessels to communicate digitally in a maritime communications environment.

Who We Are

We are a "Maritime Communication Platform"
A "Maritime Communication Platform" interconnects vessel-to-vessel and vessels-to-shore communication standards, enabling all vessels and ports to communicate with each other.


Maritime Communication Provider & Platform Business
Maritime difficulties can be significant, with 1,932 domestic vessel accidents reported in Japan, 2021 alone, all of which could have been prevented or provided with timely rescue if an effective communication environment had been in place.
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With our slogan of "Connection and mutual assistance on the ocean", we are overseeing the implementation of seamless communication and DX (Digital Transformation) in the maritime environment. CoastalLink, which is currently under development, will enable centralized digital communication for all vessels and port facilities, something that has been unavailable until now. This will result in a significant reduction in the number of vessel accidents and will enable timely rescue operations.

For Investors

We aim to foster a maritime environment in which any vessel and port can communicate with any other.
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