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The ocean we envision

Enabling all ships and ports to communicate

With our slogan of "Connection and mutual assistance on the ocean", we are overseeing the implementation of seamless maritime communication and DX (Digital Transformation) in the maritime environment. CoastalLink, which is currently under development, will enable centralized digital communication for all vessels and port facilities, something that has been unavailable until now. This will result in a significant reduction in the number of vessel accidents and will enable timely rescue operations.

Current challenges in maritime communications

Absence of a common communication environment

Current maritime communications have different radio standards for coastal and offshore areas, and the means of radio communication in vessels and ports are not standardized. In addition, human error and misunderstandings are still common with the analog voice communication system.

  • Coastal vessels cannot request rescue services from offshore vessels or ports.
  • Offshore vessels cannot contact small vessels in distress.
  • Ports are unable to monitor the movements of small vessels.
  • Communication between ports and offshore vessels employs analog voice communication methods, which are subject to human error.
Looking at the Data

The necessity of improving communication environment on the ocean

1,932 vessel incidents in Japan per year (2021)
Proportion of small vessel accidents among all domestic vessel accidents per year

Unable to communicate with large vessels and ports,
small vessels account for the overwhelming proportion of accidents (78%).

All of these accidents could have been avoided or effectively rescued with proper communication.

What we can do

CoastalLinkunites the seas and connects them to the skies


Data communication system for vessel
VDES message transmission method over an IP network

Overseas Expansion

In the near future, the maritime data communication market will develop on a global scale. At the same time, CoastalLink intends to expand overseas and will be working toward real-time operation through demonstration tests in cooperation with the governments of countries situated on major overseas routes.

Our Vision

Opportunities to create value transcending borders

As I grew up seeing ships anchored in Hakata Bay and thinking about the distant ocean, the marine accidents that I learned about on the news left a strong impression on my mind. I was a child when theTanker NAKHODKA Oil Spill in the Sea of Japan occurred, and watching how a single tanker destroyed a beautiful area in an instant left me shocked. After graduating from high school, I chose merchant marine school as my career path because I had the very simple thought that “If I were operating the ship then...”

However, it is clear that no matter how hard one ship tries, it cannot prevent maritime accidents from happening. Unlike on land, the ocean is an open space where vessels from all over the world come and go in their own ways. The ocean is like a blue jungle. Communication there is the lifeline, and that is where I developed my conviction to “devote myself to finding means of communication”. I decided to take on another challenge, I got off the ship I loved, and chose the path of conducting multifaceted surveys and research to start my own business.

By participating in international ocean projects that encourage international collaboration, government negotiations for domestic ocean policy, and Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. projects promoting ocean utilization, I became increasingly aware that the oceans are still a chaotic world, and I felt that there lies enormous opportunities for business and chances to create value that transcends national borders.

I have decided to make it my life's work to "build a smooth communication environment on the ocean" and to commercialize the "One Ocean" project, making Japan, as a maritime nation, a leader in this field.

Tomoki Takimoto, CEO &Founder