Future Quest, Inc.



Adopted for Fukuoka City Full Support Project for Demonstration Experiment

Our “CoastaLink Project” has been adopted as a full support project for demonstration experiments by Fukuoka City.

On Monday, February 19, Representative Director Tomoki Takimoto attended the adoption ceremony.

Future Quest will use this selection as an opportunity to accelerate next-generation maritime communication demonstration experiments with the aim of realizing a smart ocean.

Regarding the verification experiment, Future Quest plans to conduct demonstration operations of VDES transmission and reception between vessels and confirm the operation of VDES contents mainly in Hakata Bay from the first half of 2024. In addition, by installing VDES facilities, the next-generation maritime communication standard, at the Hakata Port Tower, we plan to conduct similar demonstrations between the coast and vessels.

【Fukuoka City Full Support Project for Demonstration Experiment】

Fukuoka City offers a full support program for demonstration projects that aim to solve social problems and improve the quality of life for citizens using advanced technologies such as AI and IoT.

The city will select projects that meet seven established criteria. For the selected projects, the city provides multifaceted support for demonstration experiments to promote the growth of startups. This includes providing demonstration fields, providing data, and exploring deregulation.