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Maritime Communication Provider & Platform Business

Maritime communications technology has barely changed since the days of the Titanic. Potential problems on the ocean are significant, with 1,932 domestic vessel accidents reported in 2021, which could have been prevented or provided with timely rescue had a functional communication environment been available. With CoastalLink, which is currently under development, we aim to achieve seamless communication among vessels, and between vessels and ground facilities, contributing to a reduced number of vessel accidents.


Maritime Communication Platform

Provides all vessels and ports with communication capability.
Eliminates the cause of most vessel accidents.

CoastalLink is a digital platform that reliably shares vessel position and data with ground stations and other vessels, while not being affected by bad weather or difficult terrain.

The implementation of CoastalLink will enable communication between all vessels and ports, eliminating the most common causes of vessel accidents and post-accident rescue delays.


The 3 devices/applications that make up CoastalLink

Communication app for vessels. Installed on small vessels (fishing boats, pleasure boats, small coastal cargo vessels), the app provides for data communication with larger vessels as well as a vessel identification function.
Installed on vessels navigating far off the coast. The app delivers VDES communication range and direct data communication function with large vessels.
Web-based app for radio base station and marine control/broadcasting station. It delivers data communication function with vessels, vessel identification function, and information on vessel movements in the sea area are acquired.

Business Cases
CoastalLink Application Cases


Equipping small vessels with CoastalLink SHIP

CoastalLink SHIP offers small vessels smoother communication with large vessels and ports. In the worst case scenario, when a coastal vessel is involved in a collision with a large vessel or runs aground, the vessel may sink, and the key to a successful rescue is how quickly rescue can be implemented.

  • Communication is not smooth.
  • It is necessary to know the unique vessel information to make a call.
  • No communication in the event of an accident, causing delays in rescue calls.
  • Communication with other vessels and ports can be established, preventing accidents before they happen.
  • Calls can be made from the AR (Augmented Reality)screen without the need to know the vessel name, call sign, or telephone number.
  • Rescue calls can be made even if other vessels are communicating simultaneously.

Equipping offshore vessels with CoastalLink OCEAN

When navigating offshore where mobile communications are not available, renting a CoastalLink OCEAN makes communication with large vessels and ports smoother. It also provides a faster and safer communication environment by facilitating previously difficult communication between large and small vessels.

  • Communication between large and small vessels is difficult.
  • Licenses are required for both the use and the installation of radio equipment.
  • It is necessary to install and maintain radio equipment.
  • Enables communication between vessels.
  • No license is required for installation or use.
  • Communication function can be used whenever needed and for as long as necessary.

Implementing CoastalLink PORT for ports, fishing ports, and remote islands

By implementing CoastalLink PORT, it will be possible to monitor vessel traffic and proactively provide information and communication to specific maritime areas and to the vessels located there. In addition, this provides safe marine traffic guidelines for small vessels which were previously difficult to monitor.

  • Only large vessels can be monitored.
  • Cannot communicate and broadcast to multiple vessels at the same time.
  • Port and fisheries communications facilities and personnel must be prearranged.
  • Able to monitor the movements of both small and large vessels.
  • Proactive communication and broadcasting to specific and multiple vessels.
  • Can be used simply by opening an account and connecting a base station device.