Future Quest, Inc.



Showcasing Our Business in the Philippines: International Expansion Initiatives

Future Quest Inc. visited Manila, the capital of the Philippines, from April 29 to 30, 2024, to exhibit its initiatives at a Japan-Philippine reception


[Purpose of Visit]

Future Quest is developing “CoastaLink”, a platform for seamless and centralized digital communication at sea. The technology, mechanisms, and international laws and regulations underpinning it have piqued the interest of maritime professionals in both the civilian and defence sectors. Through meetings with Philippine government officials, we confirmed that our communication platform is of interest to the Philippine government, which has a growing need for maritime surveillance in the South China Sea.


[Comments from Representatives]

Representative Director, commented:

I am grateful for this valuable learning opportunity. All defense technologies are at the forefront of innovation, and maritime communications is no exception. We are convinced that our communication platform, which utilizes the most advanced standards in civilian technology, will be utilized across fields and will become not just a dream but a concrete vision of the future.

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