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Connecting All Maritime Communications Together

We are implementing a seamless maritime communication and DX (Digital Transformation) system.

Through CoastalLink, we aim to achieve seamless communication among vessels, and between vessels and ground facilities, contributing to a reduction in the number of vessel accidents.

Message from CEO

A single maritime accident can have a ripple effect on precious human lives, financial and material assets, and the marine environment of a wide geographic area. In recent years, despite modernization, tragic incidents of this nature have continued to occur. Currently, communication in maritime mobility consists mainly of operational messaging with a focus on distress signals. However, distress signals are currently used only after a marine accident has already occurred, not to proactively prevent the accident from occurring. Improved maritime communication is crucial in avoiding a nautical disaster and in ensuring a smooth rescue after the incident. To achieve this, it is most important to provide "a simple and direct way to connect with a specific person/vessel".

FutureQuest provides a maritime digital communications infrastructure by connecting different radio facilities, frequencies, and types of radio waves that are scattered throughout the maritime communications system. By doing so, we contribute to the goal of a safe, secure, and sustainable maritime society. Today, ocean areas which exceed the entire land area of our planet are under the control of various countries, and it is time for us to create a more comprehensive maritime management solution. We are committed to delivering oceanic innovations through the use of new technologies and the creation of new mechanisms.

Tomoki Takimoto, CEO &Founder

Company Profile

Company Name Future Quest Inc.
Location G's BASE FUKUOKA, 1-3-41 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, JAPAN
Representative Tomoki Takimoto
Established January 2021
Paid-in Capital 16,500,000 yen