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Future Quest Launches Evaluation System for Next-Generation Maritime Communication Standard VDES

Press Release as of February 13, 2023

Future Quest(CEO Tomoki Takimoto, Fukuoka City, Japan), a company dedicated to promoting maritime digital transformation, announces the launch of its initial sales and rental service for the next-generation maritime digital communication standard VDES (VHF Data Exchange System) starting from February 2023.

As VDES communication becomes more widely used around the world, it is important for port facility management and sea route management to understand the communication quality that can be provided in different regions. However, there are currently no evaluation services or equipment available to help with this.

Future Quest’s evaluation system will provide a way to evaluate the quality of communication in coastal areas and port facilities, enabling operators and authorities in charge of ports and sea routes to plan for the coming era of maritime digital transformation.

The system’s unique capabilities include its ability to clarify the details of behavior and communication characteristics in actual VDES communication, as opposed to computer simulations. The evaluation system creates a heat map that visualizes the actual communication environment between land and sea by measuring the radio field strength in the area.

Future Quest will continue to develop its evaluation network, aiming to achieve sales of approximately JPY 50 million in fiscal 2023 through commissioned work in Japan and overseas.

The evaluation system will be available for sale or rental and is intended for administrative agencies, research institutes, software content development companies for ships, among others. The start of service is scheduled for April 2023. Future Quest will also offer commissioned evaluation services such as the evaluation of VHF band maritime signal strength in specific sea areas and the evaluation of real sea communication quality between land and sea using VDES.

Future Quest was founded in January 2021 with a mission to promote maritime digital transformation and realize “One Ocean”. The company is headquartered in Fukuoka City, Japan and is a provider and platformer of maritime digital communications.

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